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My name is Nithiya. I have been in teaching for more than 9 yrs.I love teaching and being with kids. I have been taught the students in the first grade to seventh grade ,When I was working as a teacher,And also I have been in private one to one tutoring for many years. My rich experience permits flexible teaching methods, so that I can designed various courses tailored to the needs of students.I can help students to study fast, but steady progress in a lively teaching atmosphere.

star 4.40
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  • jessstar5

    She is very professional and has many experiences to teach English! She has encouraged me to express my thoughts and afterwards, she teached and showed how i can say differently with different and better expressions and sentences.

  • SJstar5

    굉장히 열정적이시고, 채팅창을 많이 활용하십니다.

  • Nicolestar5

    문장 만들기 능력 향상에 정말 좋은 선생님이세요 그런데 연결이 너무 안 좋아요ㅠㅠ

  • romantostar1

    연결 상태도 너무 안 좋아서 자꾸 끊기고 혼자 말하기 바쁘시네요

  • Juliastar5

    She gave me feedback of my answers directly. So it was helpful for checking

나이 45
학교University of Madras
취미Reading & Playing with kids.
좋아하는 영화All Disney Movies.