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I have a BA in design and worked as a costume designer in theatre and films in Vancouver. Another profession is in the spa industry, working as a manager, trainer, and journalist for spa reviews. I’m a published author on Amazon with two books – The Spa Guru’s Home Spa and The Dragon Who Loved Opera – a children’s book. I’m now working on the 2nd dragon book. I've been teaching English for years in classrooms in Canada, Indonesia, and Taiwan plus online for the past several years. My hobbies include swimming, traveling, walking on the beach with my dog, and playing Scrabble with friends. I love animals and have a dog, 3 cats, and 2 turtles. I enjoy watching my students succeed in improving their English skills.

star 4.62
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  • Danielstar5

    수업이 아주 좋았습니다.

  • Son Minhostar5

    영어쓰는거 외에는 정말 아는 지식이 별로 없는 선생님. 심지어 한국 SPA는 섹스를 하기때문에 비용이 비싸다고 어디서 잘못된 정보를 들은 후에 당당히 말씀하시는데 황당 했음. 심지어 한국 학생이 이야기 했다고 하는데.. 미친 사람 같았음.

  • Yuristar2

    통화 문제, 제가 들리면 선생님은 안들리고 선생님 들리면 제가 안들림, 10분 경과해서야 해결 됐음

  • jaechan0414star5

    친절하고 중간중간 발음 교정도 해주세요

나이 59
학교McGill University
취미Swimming, running on beach with my dog, travel, playing Scrabble
좋아하는 영화The Horse Whisperer