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I am Tutor Mahmud, a Master’s student from Azerbaijan who studies in Lithuania. During my Bachelor's studies in my home country, Azerbaijan, I worked as an academic English instructor in an international language college, CELT (Cambridge English Language Teaching) and Train Brain Education Center. I taught both Academic and General English to students of different ages and backgrounds. As I did my Bachelor's studies in the education field (Teaching Foreign Languages) my work experience at an early age taught me a lot about the practical aspects of education management. I then decided to study Education Management as a Master's major since I was keen on learning different fields of education. During my Master's studies in Lithuania, I have participated in different youth exchange programs where I taught English to students of different nationalities. A good case in point is my recent participation in a language camp organized in Minsk, Belarus.

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나이 23
학교Vytautas Magnus University
취미Learning languages, travel/hiking/trekking/camping, photography, reading
좋아하는 영화Green Book