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Hi, I'm tutor Adrian. It's great to meet you! Please allow me to share a few things about myself. For me, teaching is more than just a job. It's one of my passions. I've had the pleasure to work in both offline and online environments. I think I prefer teaching online since is the best of both worlds. I can work and be home at the same time. Overall, I've taught English to adults and younger students for over six years and I have a CELTA certificate. I am friendly, motivated, funny, and more importantly patient. I have very little spare time, but when I do, I enjoy hanging out with my wife and my daughter. We play, learn, cook, and have a lot of fun together. When everyone's asleep, I like to read books, although most recently I listen to audiobooks and podcasts on different topics such as contemporary art, science, and health. I also enjoy painting and art-making. I hope and look forward to seeing you or your students, in one of my classes. See you soon!

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나이 43
학교University of Oradea
취미Learning about contemporary art, science, health, listening to music, and watching movies
좋아하는 영화Inception, Mars,