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Hi, I'm Chris! I've studied psychology, as well as programming. I'm interested in film, books, technology, and gaming. I'm a huge nerd, so feel free to talk about anything geeky with me. I haven't worked as an English tutor before, but I'm interested in the process of teaching and passionate about improving as a teacher. My aim is to make our lessons as relaxing as possible, I almost want to make you forget that you're in a lesson! I will never blame the student for not understanding something (English is tough, even for native speakers!), and I'll always try to find a different way of explaining a concept. I want to make the process of learning as painless and as enjoyable as possible. Hope to see you in class!

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  • Davidstar5

    Very very good~!

  • Ahramstar5

    언제나 최고입니다. 천천히 여러번 말씀해주시고 발음과 문법도 쉽게 설명해 주셔서 좋아요.

  • Ahramstar5

    최고에요!! 영어 학습에 원하는 방향을 먼저 확인하고 제가 하고 싶은 말을 잘 상상해서 문장으로 만들어 주세요.

  • Paulinestar5

    영어공부에 도움되는 팁들도 많이주시고, 제 말을 차분히 잘 경청해주셔서 저도 천천히 말해도 가능한 정확한 문법에 맞춰 얘기하려고 노력했던 것 같아요. 감사해용!

  • Norahstar5

    He was really good :) carefully listen and I can enjoy the class

나이 30
학교Langara College
취미Reading, Film, Tech, and Gaming.
좋아하는 영화Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse