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I have a Bachelor of Science in Hotel Management. I have several years of experience as an English teacher here in Korea. Through those experiences, I was able to instruct listening, reading, writing, and speaking. In order to have students obtain a higher level of English, I have equipped myself with various instructional methodologies to guide students in ascertaining their inner strengths and abilities. I became an ESL teacher to help students acquire better English abilities.

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  • Jayestar5

    She is the best teacher that I have met here at Engoo. Not only she makes a person comfortable, but also she knows how to lead a conversation. I could feel a connection to her when having a conversation with her. Also I appreciate her efforts to make corrections, I could see that she teaches with enthusiam. I highly recommend this teacher to everyone.

  • si hyunstar5


  • Lee Yeonhustar5

    She is excellent

  • Lee Yeonhustar5

    She is excellent

  • Jasonstar5

    Angie 쌤. 오늘도 너무 좋은 가르침 받았지만, 앞으로 쭈욱 수업 듣고 싶은데요. 꼭 연락주세요.

나이 41
학교University of Nevada, Las Vegas
취미Exercising, Watching movies
좋아하는 영화Any action or mystery