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Hi there!! My name is Junior, I am from Cameroon. I am a University Student where I study computer science as my major, with 3 years of experience in Teaching English online to people of all age group. It involves interacting with people of various nationalities and cultures. If you have been wondering how to improve your English skills, well worry no more, I am a good listener, I enjoy sharing my knowledge, I am patient, understanding and determined to see my students achieve their goals. I can assure you that if you are looking for just the right teacher to help you succeed in English, then you are in the right place! I look forward to seeing you in my class.

star 4.80
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  • kevin100star5

    너무 친절하게 알려주세요

  • Haimstar4

    아이의 말을 잘들어주셨습니다 연결이 조금 불안정했지만 아이가 즐거워했어요

  • William star5

    잔말말고 강추요

  • Hannastar5

    He was a very considerate and nice tutor! The class time was really flying with him! haha Thank you :)

  • JACKstar5

    It was very wonderful! He is very fun and nice! Thank you for teaching me, Handsome tutor! :)

나이 19
학교University of Buea
취미playing soccer, playing video games, Doing research online
좋아하는 영화Money Heist