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Samra S

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I am a registered nurse ready to teach you English the proper and fun way. I'm open to talk about anything and everything, to make your English learning journey easy. My hobbies are watching true crime documentaries, listening to podcasts, reading psychology books and about the human body. I would like to visit at least 20 countries in the next 10 years. I feel I am a tutor who is best suited for classes with adults as the topics in which I am proficient mostly cover mature subjects and I like to have deep conversations.

star 4.90
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  • Seminstar5

    너무 친절하게 해주셔서 편하고 좋았습니다.

  • Hoyoungstar5

    good, she was kind teacher.

  • Pearlstar5

    Conversation with Samra is always pleasant. Even if I stutter or say something wrong, wait for me. She is very considerate and can talk about any topic interestingly. She's very young, but she's very experienced. She is a teacher who wants to strongly recommend free speech classes to students with higher skills.

  • Pearlstar5

    Samra is good at responding and always encouraging me. She is very kind, I always feel pleasant talking to her.

  • Pearlstar5

    Samra smiles well, is active, and makes people feel good. I was so happy that the story flowed naturally throughout the class. She is a teacher who wants to see often.

보스니아 - 헤르체고비나
나이 21
학교Nursing school Bihać
취미watching youtube, true crime
좋아하는 영화Paranormal Activity