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Hello there!My name is Jenny.I graduated Bachelor of Science in Biology at Cebu Normal University (top school for teachers). I am taking Master's degree in Public Administration at the same school. I am a license teacher but I did not practice my profession yet since I find it more interesting and challenging to teach English than Biology.I have been teaching English for four years as a volunteer tutor for high school students and two years experience as a private English tutor to Korean,Japanese and Iranian college students. I love teaching because I can also learn something from my students.I see to it that they learned something from me after our class.I love food,travel,music,photography,singing karaoke,vintage things,playing computer games,watching movies and fashion.

star 4.87
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  • Yejinstar5

    A good teacher makes a good student. Jenny must have lots of good students :)

  • Yejinstar5

    Jenny is passionate about teaching. If students are willing to study with her, I believe they would improve their English in a quick way.

  • Daniel Leestar4

    네 괜찮았습니다.

  • Heejustar5

    좋았는데…좀 무서웠어요…

  • Wilsonstar5

    She is fantastic and kind.

나이 36
학교Cebu Normal University
취미Reading books, listening to music,watching movies,travel
좋아하는 영화Lord of the Rings,Harry Potter,Forest Gump,Count of Monte Cristo,Edward's Scissor Hands,Frankenstein