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Hello, my name is Mphatso and I will be teaching you English from here on out. I studied bachelor's degree in media, communications and culture at Nelson Mandela University in South Africa. So, I am quite versed in the language, both for communicative as well, as academic purposes. Outside school, I enjoy art in its many forms. I am particularly fond of literature, film and music, especially the works of Dr Robert Glover, Benicio Del Toro and Bob Marley. I also like to educate myself on social matters, mostly those that explore the various dimensions of prejudice and power. I take part in quite a number of physical activities. I took a Jiu jitsu class, I play midfield in a local soccer team and I swim in my free time. I quite enjoy watching UFC and I am an amateur guitarist. I am very excited and I hope we can all learn a few things from each other.

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나이 26
학교Nelson Mandela University
취미Playing pool, watching soccer, swimming and reading self-help books
좋아하는 영화The Usual Suspects