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Rob Mc

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I have a reputation for being kind and patient with a desire to help people of all ages to learn. I have discovered in me a new passion. That is to teach English to foreign students. I'm retired from 35 years in the merchandising industry. I enjoyed teaching many fellow workers within the industry about safety and performance. I have many years of experience in public speaking and teaching public speaking as part of a volunteer organization. My hobbies are to travel, learn how to cook and playing chess. My interests are staying healthy and keeping an active mind by interacting and helping others. Teaching English online is now a part of my new journey.

star 4.95
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  • Angiestar5

    He is very nice~!

  • Angiestar5

    He is very nice

  • stevestar5

    Although It was my first talking class, He is very gentle and has warm heart. I recommand Rob teacher to people who will see my review.

  • RITAstar5

    Rob Mc's pronunciation is very perfect. And he focused on lessons very well.

  • Amystar5

    Thank you for listening~ See you soon

나이 58
학교Global Leadership College
취미Cooking, Learning Spanish and travelling
좋아하는 영화The Hundred-foot Journey