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Jarvis C

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Hi! I'm Jarvis, a student of Greenwich University, pursuing a three-year undergraduate program in International Business Management Studies. I enjoy listening to BBC News and playing video games in my free time. I partake in quite a few extracurricular activities and help out at-risk youth with a local NGO named Teens Aloud Foundation. I became an online tutor so I could share my English skill and meet new people.

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    • Stella
        You are fun to do a lesson together and I very enjoy having with you and I was a little bit you like you know like a little bit don’t wanna do that with you but when time passed I started to think oh he’s so very great teacher so I think we could come to the conversation materials or like Reading math lessons so yeah you know like that so I think because that’s my things to that I mean things to that thanks to that I think we could end up in this you know very happy classes and enjoyable times I hope we can get along a little more next time I hope to see you soon and I was booked you always try to book your classes OK so don’t worry and don’t try to miss me OK well if I don’t have time if you don’t have time then I have to do some Times I sing I cannot fucking listen but don’t worry don’t give up don’t miss me and don’t miss any of your students they will be always trying to do you like me so don’t be sad or don’t be mad we love you Jarvis OK so keep up the good work and I hope you become a very very popular and great English teacher see you next time to see you soon Bye
      • Anthony Lim
          The most terrible class ever. He didn't even show up on the class until the end. What the heck. There must've been some connection problem but what is he gonna do about my wasted time and money.
        • jay kim
          • Ryan
              I am afraid to say but It definitely was a very poor class ever. I felt he didn't concentrate on my class because i saw he sometimes whispered to someone next to him while i was talking. Regardless to say, it was very few feedback that i received from him.
            • Lesley
                영국식 발음 + 말이 너무 빠르셔서 전반적으로 알아 듣기 힘들었음.. 그래도 유쾌하시고 친절하시 분임..
              나이 23
              학교Greenwich University
              취미Playing video games, cycling, surfing the web and swimming
              좋아하는 영화The Avengers