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Logan M

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I am from Auckland, New Zealand. My hobbies include surfing, travelling, drinking coffee, and watching basketball games. I graduated with a Bachelor of Sport and Exercise in 2013. Currently I am studying a Graduate Diploma of Teaching, Secondary, once I graduate, I am planning to become a Health/Physical Education Teacher. I became an Online ESL Teacher because I am passionate about teaching, I truly enjoy seeing all my students make progress on their English-speaking journeys, I also really enjoy the flexibility the job provides that allows me to travel and live a great lifestyle.

star 4.91
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  • Jiyoungstar5

    제 레벨에 잘 맞추어 수업해주셔서 편안했습니다!

  • Damienstar5

    아주 좋은 선생님입니다. 디테일하게 틀린 문장 고쳐주셨어요!

  • Choi Danbistar1

    절대절대 수업 듣지 마세요.비싼 돈 주고 네이티브 하는데 진짜 이건 스탠다드보다 더 못해요. 계속 말만하면 안들린다하고.. 그래서 크게 말했더니 okok 뭐 이런식이라고나 할까? 암튼 너무 후회만 가득한 시간이었어요. 교재 8분만에 끝내놓고는 배운 것도 없는데 무슨 말도 안하고 좀 짜증나요. 이쌤 완전 비추입니다!

  • hoseongstar5

    He was my first tutor in engoo. He was fine but the connection between us was so terrible that we couldn't talk face to face. I'm not sure the problem is from my place. Despite this, we did well.

나이 29
학교Southern Institute of Technology
좋아하는 영화The Fast and the Furious