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Becky B

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I completed my 120-hour TESOL Certificate Course in September 2018. My hobbies include scuba diving, reading books and watching television and movies. The scarier, the better! I was head of purchasing but reevaluated my priorities. I drove four countries away by myself in order to help people. I have had the pleasure of volunteering with the Down Syndrome Society. I love being able to help people and that is what drew me to teaching.

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  • Michellestar5

    She is wonderful. We talked about religion and had a good time

  • emily973star5

    선생님 너무 좋아요. 잘 들어주고, 좋은 표현을 많이 배울 수 있었어요.

  • rooneystar5

    Very good

  • jeongminstar5

    단어 섹션에서 문장을 만들어보는 활동이 매우 유익했어요. 정말 영어 선생님 같으세요. 천천히 말씀해주시고 칭찬도 많이 해주세요.

  • Jade Kimstar5

    친철 하시고 천천히 말해 주셔서 이해가 잘 되었습니다~

나이 43
학교A.Y. Jackson Secondary School
취미Scuba diving, reading books and watching television and movies.
좋아하는 영화Jaws