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I have a Bachelor's degree and a TEFL Certificate. I am a bubbly and energetic person who enjoys going on adventures, dancing Ballet, Hip-hop, singing, reading books, and cooking. I am very passionate about English and I have been tutoring students in English for more than 4 years. I believe that you learn by practice so I am all for learning a new language by speaking it. I am very patient and my style of teaching is a more casual conversation rather than strict formal learning. We will speak as friends so that you can feel comfortable using the language without feeling judged. I am very talkative so we will never run out of things to discuss and I am a great listener. I can help you with the following: Conversation, Grammar, Pronunciation, Exam preparation, Vocabulary building, Reading skills, Business English and lots more. I am very excited about getting to teach you and speak to you.

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    나이 37
    학교University of Uyo, Nigeria
    취미Singing, dancing and reading books
    좋아하는 영화Sing