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My name is Clintin. I am a true teacher of American/Canadian English. I am skilled at promoting your fluency and your accurate pronunciation, both of which are very important for communication with native English speakers who are usually not familiar with foreign accents. That means I speak at a normal conversational speed of native English speakers, and I point out pronunciation and sentence structure for American/Canadian English at the most beneficial times. Learning a second language is like learning a sport. Sometimes you are in a practice game or a real game, where you use all your skills at game speed, working on speed and integration. Sometimes you are in practice working on specific skillss for which you have noticed a weakness or deficiency. The first form of practice for a second language, is like when you are practicing for fluency, and for the real conversations. The second form practice compares to practicing pronunciation, sentence structure, etc. This is accuracy practice. I use both forms of practice in my classroom as well as much more. Ask me how to practice and prepare for fluency in the English language. Ask me how to prepare your mind to use English like a native speaker. Come to my classroom if you are looking for a real teacher, and, you are prepared to do the work necessary to earn your fluency and very beautiful sound in American or Canadian English. The R sound is so beautiful, don’t you agree? Everyone can make it and I can show you how. My background education is in technology and though I still love to work with technology, my passion for people is greater. I have been teaching all ages for more than seven years in a wide variety of different styles and environments. And I see my passion and interests of people and technology come together like never before. I look forward to seeing you in my classroom.

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  • Snellstar5

    재미있게 수업 분위기를 이끌어가주셨어요!! 추천합니다!!

  • Damienstar5

    아주 실력있고 열정있는 선생님이십니다! 영어공부에 대한 팁도 많이 알려주셨어요

  • Snellstar5

    너무 친절하고 재밌게 쉽게 가르쳐주셔요!

  • Kylestar5

    He is very kind and funny. It was fun to use funny pictures.

  • Joshuastar1

    너무 불친절 한 것 같습니다. 학생을 강압적으로 대하는듯 하고 말하고 있는 도중 말을 끊고 자기 할말을 합니다. 수업 도중 강의를 끝내고 그냥 나갔습니다. It looks unfriendly and forced. Interruptsing students while they are speaking and says what he just wants to say. Finished the lecture during class even there was time more

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학교CDI College, Canada
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