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I studied Marketing and I'm currently on my second qualification which is Bachelor of Social Work. My hobbies include writing, reading and spending time with my family. I have written children's books and I recently launched my blog website. In addition to several years of English teaching experience, I have worked in other industries such as recruitment, immigration, and interior designing. I became an ESL teacher because I'm passionate about teaching and I find happiness in making a difference in other people. In my opinion, the best way of teaching is by encouraging active learning and giving prompt feedback. I believe the qualities that make me an effective teacher are prioritizing the needs of my students and being able to adapt to their different levels of learning.

star 4.32
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    교재 순서대로 하지 않고, 건너뛰는 곳도 많아서 어디를 하는지 잘 몰랐다.

나이 32
학교The University of South Africa
취미Writing, reading books and spending time with family
좋아하는 영화The Matrix