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Hi ! I am Jayciel and you can call me Jayz for short. I graduated Bachelor of Science in Nursing. I have been teaching English to foreign students for six years now, that gave me a chance to meet different kind of people. I was an ESL instructor at Brain Power Language Academy for almost six years. I did offline classes , group classes as well as online class. I was trained there to teach special classes like ( TOEFL,IELTS,TOEIC, and OPIC ). Ever since teaching is my passion and love to teach kids as well as adults. I'm a friendly and cool to be with .and I have a lenghty of patience and a hardworking person .and I am good in interpersonal skills in dealing with students.

star 4.82
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    한국말도 잘하시고 재밌어요~^^ 잘 웃어주시고 정말 착해요~ 그림그리기도 많이 해주시고 단어도 친절하게 잘 가르쳐주세요~^^ 또 뵙고 싶어요~ >0<

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    수업시간에 다른 짓을 너무 많이함

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    선생님 성격이 너무 좋고 웃으면서 재미있게 수업할 수 있었어요 !

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    수업시간에 딴짓을 많이하시고, 이상한 토이스토리 후후후 이러다가 그냥 끝났네요....,,,,,,

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    Not good.말 자르고, 집중도 안해주시고 딴짓을 너무하시네요.

나이 36
학교University of Cebu
취미dancing,listening to music,cooking ,decorating,exercising
좋아하는 영화walking dead ,taken,cs-i series,avengers,vampire diaries ,salt