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David D

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Hello! My name is David and I got my Bachelor of Arts degree in Chinese Language and Literature at the University of Belgrade. My greatest achievement is learning to play the piano by myself. My hobbies are coin collecting, playing the piano, learning languages, reading, and playing strategy video games. I also enjoy travelling and good food. I have worked as a call operator for the Persian language and as a translator/interpreter for Chinese, English and Serbian. I have a vast knowledge of culture, history, geopolitics, music, philosophy, and religion. I wanted to become an ESL teacher to share my knowledge and experience with others.

star 4.77
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  • Annabada star5

    He is really good teacher and I enjoy studying English with him.

  • Kim Hyeon Jestar5

    He is really kind, good teacher

  • Henrystar5

    We talked on history of art such as Renaissance art, Baroque art and I also got to know Byzantine art. It was very informative class. :)

  • Jewoostar5

    정말 좋았어요!

  • truestar5

    Thank you very much.

나이 36
학교University of Belgrade
취미Coin collecting
좋아하는 영화Master and Commander