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I can call myself an active person, I have a lot of interests and each day wish to learn something new. I like travelling and exploring new cultures. As for my English language skills: I have taken part in a number of language contests while being a student, won a lot of them on the city and region levels. During 2005-2006 have been living and studying in USA(State Michigan) as an exchange student. I received my BBA in 2015(International Program)and in 2016(Ukrainian Program)

star 4.85
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  • janestar5

    친절하게 잘 가르쳐 주셔서 너무 좋았습니다. 또 만나요~^^

  • yangstar5

    Мені було дуже цікаво! Дякую вам!

  • James hanstar5

    I hope her that she hold class frequently. i think we feel lack of your class. if you have too many class on online, i would be glade today i was learned about business of Making an Appointment. but i found some awkwarded expression or sentence. Would that be ok for you?, Would that suit you? we did very well in the class. so we finished early. so we had time to repeat my awkward expression. and we talked her house color. but i cant remember word of "pink" so i could not try to talk about her house color. next time i will do better. thank you so much.

  • JKstar5

    She has a positive attitude and love teaching.

  • Jenifferstar5

    말이 좀빠르시긴 한데 빨라서 더 좋았어요 친절하셔요!!

나이 32
학교Wisconsin International University
취미Bellydance, listening to the music, singing, painting
좋아하는 영화Frida, Jab Tak Hai Jaan.