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My name is Zivile. I'm from Lithuania. I have multimedia arts bachelor. I gained this at University of Siauliai. During my studies at university i traveled all around the world with so many different programmes, met hundreds of international people, did all kinds of university activities and i really want to share this experience with the others. I want to encourage people learn try and never give up. This is the most important thing in life.

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  • rodastar5

    She's very kind, and teching very well too!

  • victoriastar5

    due to no camera, she was sorry to feel good much. but good class

  • Yuri Jeongstar5

    Time flies when I take lessons with her. Also in today's class, I could learn a lot - including words and English expressions. I hope to see her again soon. Thanks a lot :D

  • Yuri Jeongstar5

    It was one of the most enjoyable classes. Lithuania is a country that I'm interested in, and she told me some interesting facts about her country. In addition, she led the session smoothly so that time naturally flies. She motivated me to continue speaking in English by teaching expressions that I didn't know well. Thanks a lot :D I hope to see her soon.

  • Jason star5

    최고의 선생님이십니다. ^^

나이 33
학교Siauliai University
좋아하는 영화Lost in Translation