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Caloy A

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Hi! My name is Caloy. I have a Master's degree in Business Administration. Currently, I own a business in refrigerated trucking services. As I love being busy and passionate about teaching and mentoring others , I became an On-line ESL Teacher in order to satisfy this desire to be of value to others or over three ( 3 ) years now. I've worked as a Global Group Product (Marketing) Manager for a US-based pharmaceutical company before. In this job, I had to use English extensively in both speaking and writing. Making and presenting marketing or business plans were definitely challenging. I got to do this by constantly interacting with colleagues, customers, and foreign counterparts. My work brought me to other Asian countries like Singapore, Hong Kong, Pattaya, Bangkok, Phuket in Thailand, Bali & Jakarta Indonesia, Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia, Ho Chi Min & Hanoi Vietnam, Tokyo in Japan, and Shanghai, Beijing in China. And I also got to visit Sydney, Canberra & Melbourne in Australia, Buenos Aires in Argentina, and Chicago, LA, San Francisco, Miami, Washington, New Orleans, and Atlanta in the United States. My Sales & Marketing management work experience will certainly be useful for Business English interactions and my IPA Accent , English for Kids, IELTS Predicted Lessons for English Proficiency training will certainly add value to my interactions with my future English Learners.

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  • Sarah
    Good to see you!
  • hayeon
    정말 친절하세요 !
  • Erin
    살짝 피곤해하셨지만, 귀여우셨어요. 노래를 참 좋아하시는 것 같아요. 편안한 수업 감사했습니다 ^^
  • JaeYoung
    I'll keep in mind his recommendation to improve my English skill. i really wish to have another class with him again.
  • Kim Hongsun
    He taught me very carefully and detailly. I want those tutors who are careful at teaching.
학교Ateneo de Manila University
취미Reading books , Biking, Camping , Cooking , Watching Movies & Sports Games ( basketball, judo )
좋아하는 영화Marvel Superheroes, Historical , war , aviation , travel .