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I hold a Master of Arts degree from the University of Kentucky in economic geography with a certificate in transportation geography from the Kentucky Transportation Center. I have taught Introduction to Human Geography and World Regional Geography at Metro Tech Community College in Omaha, Nebraska, USA for more than 15 years. With over 20 years of experience in education, I have a wealth of experience working with students from all over the globe. Furthermore, I have an easy to understand Midwestern American accent and my teaching focus is on pronunciation and grammar. When I was an undergraduate at the University of Nebraska at Omaha, I minored in Spanish. Therefore I know what it is like to learn a language in a classroom setting and then apply your language skills in the street. For more than 10 years of my life I lived in Spanish speaking countries, so I know how difficult it can be to apply your language skills in a foreign country. As an English teacher, I want to fully prepare you so that you speak good proper English with great pronunciation. This is what will put you ahead, whether you are looking for the experience of living/studying abroad, or to be successful in international business.

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  • Jun
    He is totally professional teacher to teach me from the basic to detail in grammar or pronunciation and even expressions. Thank you Wolfgang.
  • Yulia
    He was like a real professional tutor for various types of advanced classes. I asked for a help to prepare an interview, and he gave me critical adviced and tips, and those really helped me. I can say that he is one of the most passionate and skillful teacher.
  • John Song
    This teacher is so wonderful, all the time he tried to explain pronunciation detaily to student. Even if time was gone, he didnt think of time and just focuesd on the session.
학교University of Kentucky
취미Rugby, gastronomy, beer brewing and fermentation.
좋아하는 영화The Matrix