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ⓒ교재명: Reading Art 1,2,3 / 원저자: Danielle Bass
출판사: (주)다락원 Happy House

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ChapterUnit/LessonUnit Title
Part 01
Unit 1
Unit 2
Unit 3How Did Michelangelo Paint on the Ceiling?
Unit 4What Movie Won the Most Academy Awards?
Unit 5Why Didn’t Modigliani Draw Pupils?
Unit 6How Many People Does an Orchestra Need?
Unit 7What Is the Couple Doing in The Angelus by Millet?
Unit 8Why Was the Men’s Ballet Company Grandiva Formed?
Unit 9Why Did Van Gogh Cut off His Own Ear?
Unit 10Was Salieri Really Jealous of Mozart?
Unit 11What Makes Rodin’s The Thinker So Popular?
Unit 12Why Does Western Art Have Many Nude Paintings of Beautiful Women?
Part 02
Unit 13Which Painting Is the Most Expensive?
Unit 14Why Do People Sing Operas in Italian?
Unit 15What Did the Venus de Milo ’s Arms Look Like?
Unit 16Who Composed the Happy Birthday Song?
Unit 17Where Was the World’s First Biennale?
Unit 18What Is a Blockbuster Movie?
Unit 19Is Jazz African-American Music?
Unit 20What Is the Passionate Dance Flamenco?
Unit 21Who Made Do, Re, Mi, Fa, Sol, La, and Ti?
Unit 22Is There a Secret in the Wall Mirror?
Unit 23What Is Popera?
Unit 24How Are Oriental and Western Paintings Different?
Part 03
Unit 25Why Do Most Animals in Cave Paintings Look to the Right?
Unit 26Why Is the Harp Called an Angel’s Instrument?
Unit 27Where Did the Appearance of E.T. Come From?
Unit 28Why Did Picasso Paint Guernica?
Unit 29What Is a Serenade?
Unit 30How Was the Brazilian Samba Dance Created?
Unit 31Who Was the Model for Hercules the Archer?
Unit 32Did Napoleon Cross the Alps on a White Horse?
Unit 33What Is A Capella Music?
Unit 34Can You Express Anxiety in a Picture?
Unit 35What Is the Tango?
Unit 36Why Did Beethoven Compose the Eroica Symphony?