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ChapterUnit/LessonUnit Title
Level 01
Unit 1
Unit 2
Unit 3May I speak to Alice? | What do you do?
Unit 4What do you want to be in the future? | I should go on a diet.
Unit 5Can I borrow one? | Do you have a reservation?
Unit 6May I take your order? | I did it!
Unit 7How do we get there? | Where are you from?
Unit 8Have a nice day. | See you then.
Unit 9What's the matter? | Long time no see!
Unit 10What are you going to do this weekend? | I'll be right there.
Unit 11What do you like to do in your free time? | Can you tell me?
Unit 12How was your holiday? | May I try it on?
Unit 13I'll never be late again. | What do you do after school?
Unit 14Cheer up! | Where are you going?
Unit 15Do you want to come with me? | How often do I have to take it?
Unit 16Have you ever been to Manchester? | That's too bad.
Unit 17Are you good at using the internet? | You'd better stay in bed.
Unit 18How are you doing in London? | Are you still playing the game?
Unit 19Can I talk to you? | Do you have any plans for this evening?
Unit 20I'm looking at your homepage now. | What should I do with them?
Level 02
Unit 21At the Airport_Departure
Unit 22On the Airplane
Unit 23At the Airport_Arrival
Unit 24At the Bus Station
Unit 25Reserving a Room
Unit 26Asking for Room Service
Unit 27Check-in and Check-out
Unit 28Looking for an Apartment
Unit 29Renting a Car
Unit 30Reserving a Table
Unit 31Today's Special
Unit 32Fast Food
Unit 33Recipes
Unit 34Delivery
Unit 35Payment
Unit 36Applying for a Visa
Unit 37Deciding What to Study
Unit 38Starting a Class in the Classroom
Unit 39Having Break Time in the Classroom
Unit 40Holiday Plans
Unit 41Buying Reference Books
Unit 42Talking about One's Interests
Unit 43Preparing for a Test
Unit 44Doing Something after School
Unit 45I'm just looking.
Unit 46Do you have a coat?
Unit 47Do you have these shoes in my size?
Unit 48I'd like to get a refund for this.
Unit 49Excuse me. I'm lost.
Unit 50Where can I catch a bus?
Unit 51Take me to the JFK Airport, please.
Unit 52I want to go there on the express bus.
Unit 53At the Bank
Unit 54At the Hospital
Unit 55At the Pharmacy
Unit 56At the Post Office
Unit 57At the Laundromat
Unit 58Answering Phone Calls at Home
Unit 59Calling from a Home Phone
Unit 60At the Ticket Office
Level 03
Unit 61My computer is too slow.
Unit 62What's on TV?
Unit 63I'm planning to have a birthday party.
Unit 64Christmas is drawing near.
Unit 65What's the weather supposed to be like?
Unit 66Did you finish cleaning your room?
Unit 67Breakfast is ready.
Unit 68I feel like I'm coming down with a cold.
Unit 69Who's calling?
Unit 70I'd like to have a pet.
Unit 71You look happy today.
Unit 72You must be kidding.
Unit 73I can't tell you how sorry I am.
Unit 74I'm seeing somebody now.
Unit 75Please don't lose your temper.
Unit 76What they are saying about her is true.
Unit 77I've got to get in shape.
Unit 78My school uniform is too loose.
Unit 79What are you into?
Unit 80Are you good at taking pictures?
Unit 81What kind of musical was it?
Unit 82I'll call the roll first.
Unit 83Are you ready for the exam?
Unit 84I messed up the exam.
Unit 85We're running out of gas.
Unit 86Where are you headed?
Unit 87Is it close by?
Unit 88It's been a long time.
Unit 89How often does the subway come?
Unit 90May I take your order now?
Unit 91I can't eat another bite.
Unit 92This book is out now.
Unit 93What seems to be the problem?
Unit 94Could you fill this prescription for me?
Unit 95How would you like to have your hair done?
Unit 96I'd like to open an account.
Unit 97Are you a Christian?
Unit 98This is my first time to take a plane.
Unit 99This package contains books and pictures.
Unit 100Do you have any particular style in mind?
Level 04
Unit 101The ideal job you want to have
Unit 102The best way to reduce stress
Unit 103One of our best friends
Unit 104The place you like
Unit 105Something you want to learn
Unit 106Your favorite class
Unit 107Your favorite sport
Unit 108Your favorite season
Unit 109Your favorite weather
Unit 110Your favorite pastime
Unit 111Your favorite mode of transportation
Unit 112Your most memorable day of your life
Unit 113The most memorable place
Unit 114The country you'd like to visit
Unit 115The place you would recommend
Unit 116The place you liked when you were young
Unit 117The person you admire the most
Unit 118The most important person
Unit 119The characteristics of a good teacher
Unit 120The most important invention
Unit 121Drive one's own car? Or use public transportation?
Unit 122Eat out? Or cook?
Unit 123A long vacation? Or a short vacation?
Unit 124Live in a big city? Or live in a small town?
Unit 125Live in a house? Or live in a high-rise apartment?
Unit 126Have a high-paying job with good money? Or a low-paying job with much free time?
Unit 127Support oneself? Or be supported by one's parents?
Unit 128Study on one's own? Or study together?
Unit 129Study English in Korea? Or study English abroad?
Unit 130See a movie at home? Or go to the theater?
Unit 131Travel abroad? Or travel in Korea?
Unit 132Communicate face to face? Or communicate through e-mail?
Unit 133Be a leader? Or be a member?
Unit 134Travel alone? Or travel in a group?
Unit 135TV and movies - good or bad?
Unit 136Go to University in a big city? Or go to one in a small town?
Unit 137Save? Or spend?
Unit 138Shop alone? Or shop together?
Unit 139Wear a uniform? Or wear one's own clothes?
Unit 140Attend an all-boy or all-girl's school? Or attend a coed school?